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good morning, america. ballpark blunder. it's happened again last night. this fan nearly falls from the stands at the home run derby in front of tens of thousands. the dramatic last-minute grab that may have saved his life. >> michele bachmann's business under fire. the fast-rising republican and her husband are facing new questions about a controversial conversion therapy that experts say could cause more harm than help. what hidden cameras reveal in our brian ross investigation. jaycee's incredible journey. new details this morning about her jaycee's friend she never forgot. her first real exposure to the y heher ow n name in can't tift
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in 188 years. sister wives fight back. why cody brown and husband his spouts are launching a love bring grade. should they be left alone to practice polygamy? it is a sticky steamy tuesday. all the way from the southwest to right here in the northeast. oppressive heat, humidity, sam will tell us if this heat wave is going to let up any time soon. that heat not doing much for the moods of the debt limit negotiators. markets starting to get spooked, asia, europe, u.s. all falling and i lot i talked to only a real market shock would force a deal.
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the casey verdict as she prepares to go free this week, as you know, for the first time the jury foreman spokes out on why they acquitted. >> they were o'afraid. john and the news desk. the heat did one thing. that humidity something else entirely. that hot air baking half the count, heat advisories in nearly two dozen states. sam is here with all the details. >> you're right, the heat and humidity that makes it so difficult to cool down. 21 states have those out. 21 will have temperatures above 100 degrees. had did the heat index level. already in memphis feels like it's 98. any time you get into the hot pink shade, your body can shut down if it's out in heat like this. feels like 115.
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feels like 110 in ni. all the nation's weather is just a minute. josh? >> an ugly looking map. breaking news overnight. the powerful half brother of hamid karzai was assassinated by one of his bone bodyguards. he was an influential political leader but plagued by aeg allegations of corruption. u.s. wants compensation from syria after i demonstration there. protesters stormed the embassy smashing windows and tearing down the u.s. flag. there is a heavy police presence there today. meaeahile, passengers say they felt like they were riding through a fireball after their amtrak train collided with a tractor trailer that happened on the route between boston and portland, the train moving at some 70 miles an hour when it hit the truck, the driver was killed. no one else fortunately hurt. betty ford's funeral will
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focus on politics and the click that that bears her name, michelle obama, two former first leader and two former presidents are expected to be in attendance. she chose rosalynn carter as one of the speakers. another shocker in the stand just deys after that deadly fall. the all-star home run derby sends balling and ball in and look at this. that's keith carmickle standing on a narrow table reaching for a home run ball and goes completely over the edge. this was the fourth ball he was reaching for and, in fact, it was his brother and some other friends who saved him from a 0-foot fall as the fans at the pool deck underneath looked up and gasped. he was pulled back to safety but it was a horrible bit of circumstance and happensanction, robin. >> we see that at ballparks all
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the time. strong friends. to that looming economic crisis. one day closer to default that could wreak havoc throughout the economy. he held his second press conference pushing both sides to deal. >> it's not going to get east ser, it'll get harder, so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid, eat our peas. now is the time to do it. >> neither side budged at the meeting that followed so let's bring in jake tapper and jon karl from capitol hill. jon, they tried to work on a smaller reduction deal but that didn't go much better. >> reporter: the divide is as deep as ever. they outlined 1.7trillion cuts, not enough but democrats called it completely unacceptable because it included cuts to medicare and no tax revenue
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increases. steny hoyer said he couldn't get a senior democratic vote for a plan. >> that means that it couldn't pass. courthouse have any idnew ideas >> reporter: they're pushing for the big deal, a lot of pain at one, entitle tks. president obama outlined the plan and said, you can't expect seniors to give up $500 when you went own ask for $5 from people like me. wealthy individuals. >> jon, the leader mitchell mcconnell is looking at a contingency plan which could be a short-term extension. >> reporter: he's tight-lipped about what they mean. they could give him a chance to accept that which he ruled out or one with no tax increases. >> the president very clear on that. >> reporter: he said he's not signing any short-term plans.
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the debt ceiling needs to be raised until 2013. he will not sign what mcconnell is talking about. >> 2 2 days to go. thank you very much. the republican presidential nomination, kind of shippings to michele bachmann and that is bringing scrutiny ross ron maintained undersaavedra available that bachmann owns about her husband and shows staff trying to turn a gay person straight. this kind of conversion is something that they deny doing. >> these new undercover tapes calls into question what's been happening that is owned by michele bachmann and her husband marcus. the family's principal source of income and gay advocates say they are practicing a discredit to peer pi that can turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. >> reporter: bachma bachmann & associates.
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they were made by the member of a gay vad troekt si troop. he was asking for feelings to stop thinking of men. >> reporter: he do cure your homosexuality. >> he sid it several times. he's seen it. he believes full sex from homosexual to heterosexual is possible. >> reporter: the treatment, turning to the bible and prayer when homosexual urges struck. >> in terms of hoi god created us we're all heterosexual. >> reporter: such theory is not only infect but effective harmful in thapging that part about them about who they're attracted to which owe danes spontaneous, we have not seen anything to show that changes that. >> reporter: bachmann's house, dr. marcus bachmann who once
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levered to homosexuals as bar barials. he despeeded reparative therapy. the undercover tape repeats the treat. >> it shows that bachmann associated -- they do reparative theory asked about her news conference, she said shfs noting in michele bachmann were interested in. i'm here to talk about my run for the presidency for the united states. we're proud of all job creator in the united states. >> reporter: in a further statement they said the clinic vows a virginia voight of services but because of patient/doern confidential it cannot come without with this. >> the patient did said he thought the therapy was a caring
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therapist but did want to change him. to the scandal spreading across media mogul media mu muirdock. jeffrey kofman has the latest and joins us from london. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: that has moved to a whole new with today's allegations that not one but three murdoch papers breaking the law, sometimes use hardened criminals to break stories. it was the most personal and private family matter, in 2006 just before gordon brown became britain's prime minister they found their infant son had cystic p cystic fibrosis. >> they would mow me they had
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this story about fraser's medical condition and told me they would run it. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> in tears. >> another scandal about it. and with it for the first time it is spreading beyond "news of the world." allegations that murdoch's son own the awe dust sunday times look broke the law to get stories. >> i'm wondering if you can help me. that call to a law office who was said to be an accountant working and looking at the financial times looking for some dirt. the questiroyal's reporter cliv goodman asked for carne from andy soleson to buy the green book which contains all the confidential phone numbers of the royal family and their staff. in that e-mail goodman says a
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proil protection officer has a stolen company and wants $1,600 for it. >> if i was alleged somebody has taken money to disclose telephone numbers and for them and their anyones, it's an appalling breach of security. >> meanwhile a huge murdoch takeover bid has been delayed. many think it's stetd forever. as it deepens there are rumbles that he will roone his three papers including "the times of london." fref very, thaw. tina bound is here with a story in nuclear comparing it to watergate. i'll ask you about that in a moment. couldn't help but notice your article. politicians and the royal family. how big could it go.
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>> it's spread throughout. not just the news news but clearly now the other newspapers too and in the end, i think that when you loosen all kind of moral controls, the place just ran amok with thihi criminal behavior and it's a terrifying thing. people have been afraid of speaking up. the cops, who were investigating it were told they had stuff their affairs and their expenses so booked off. politicians don't want to take it on ball they thought they would get their expose says in the paper. blackmail life for public life. you had very strong words in your article and you also had full disclcle your his worked for -- >> kwundz the times" and wrong a book about it. >> your article itself you said manufacture dur is endlessly
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aimous to watch his his talents are only equaled to his -- >> oego. he broke the unions and mob. actually in dedeciding to deal with that but at the tame he has no ethics in the company so in the end in terms of the press conference at the end of the day, you know, the coverage just becomes, you know, as we've soon in this whole disastrous deback ol. >> this comparison in north carolina t to say answer anyone service tet watergate. >> it is not say rupert murdoch knew anything going on inside his newspapers but at the same think i think who maegs places devote, a tull tur of lostness
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iters of the moral apropose, ultimately the place goes haywire. no one said itself that miles per hour knew she was phonings were going on service so trust spending it was an industrial strength, the de facto of positions who can't bet into the story. the son's a-year-old medical record to -- ow could that be in the public interest to tell meme this child child had dissick fibrosis. >> thena, thaw. we'll turn to a legal crusades that has cody and his wife under the spotlights getting red to di to change the polygamy trials in court. the latest on this. >> reporter: the brown family of "sister wives" which faces four
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yies adults and 16 children and tomorrow they will file a lawsuit charging the anti-politician si statute. they went public with it when it bay buts in 2010. i interviewed before them. >> can you get this legal trouble now that you're in public. >> there's a risk. >> hour enough local thoftsauths ordered they were going to do that. they were still concerning concerned. you could in a swors says from you ten afry the testimonily. are you these thing you keep worrying about hefkous. >> i keep keeping high hurd in moy chest.
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>> i grew up who i was. and not being able to claim who my father was. >> you can't would say dad is. >> there's very prou of him. >> you don't want your kids to that that problem because he's a great sglie their high-piered turn says we believe that this case represents the longest challenge of political ever file in the courts. this does not recommend state lem race. they just want to be able to live freely without fear of attest. sam, steamy weather out. >> what it's worse tan thaad yesterday. here are the highs, femme is, 102, new york city, 104 and where they roll. yesterday the testifiette power out tlooj thunderstorms about a million without people and those will be light supply to the
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south from lexan to go toal he.
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so what good is eating healthy if you can't splurge in the summier that's the attitude of first lady michelle obama famous for her let's move campaign. she let go at d.c.'s best burger joint and abc's sharyn alfonsi was counting the calories. ♪ >> reporter: she is the first lady of fitness. >> let's get moving. >> reporter: encouraging all of us had step up and away from the supersize. a champion for child nutrition. we have to start making choices. >> to have not vandy every day. >> reporter: she's admitted she's only human. my whole favorite food in the
7:20 am
world are french fries. >> reporter: yesterday she indulged. stepping into the newly opened burger stand shake steak. they shot cell phone picks, a diet coke, total damage, 1,700 calories. >> one cheeseburger and fries for me. >> she's not the only one. >> you put french fries on top and we can't tell the first lady although she'd probably like them. >> hundreds will argue whether her lunch is a scandal but for the rest of us who has fallen to the lohr of a greasy burger more than once, certainly not. >> this is not a scandal. it all lie looks great. >> sam takes me there all the
7:21 am
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. #:26. -- 7:26. 76 on the thermometer in baltimore. it's in the 80s in southern maryland and ocean city and factoring in humidity, wow, 90. what it feels like on the
7:27 am
beach. 80 in town. it's really not a fun time to be outside for many of us. outdoor activities discouraged. remember to check on the elderly and keep your pets indoors. not a day to heave them outside with a bowl of water and shades because of the humidity in place. we have a stray hour and temperatures of 97 this afternoon. two degree guarantee is the heat index of 105. heat advisory isolated storms will take the steam out of theair and hold near 70 overnight. tonya are traffic. >> reporter: 70 eastbound is slow before route 29 if you are heading in from marysville towards the beltway. beltway itself we are moving okay 695 at liberty road. volume in both directions but no incidents to report. in carroll county 30 at business 40 that accident has the northbound lanes closed one southbound lane gets by. 795 southbound after owings mills a accident reported there and jfx northbound at st. paul street all northbound lanes are reportedly blocked due to an
7:28 am
accident. now with your local news, here's charley crowson. >> and amber alert. police say a boy was abducted in baltimore. as you go out and about, be on the lookout for a white green newer model ford taurus. 8-year-old darrick charles brown was taken by someone in the car while walking near the 300 block of gwynne avenue last night. witnesses say the green taurus looks similar to this one stopped and someone grabbed him and threw him in the trunk and sped away. if you have information call plates 410-396-2100. back to new york.
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i hate to point fingers and blame, but there were some oversights that really stick out. >> so many millions of you responded to the story of jaycee dugard inspiring remarkable, just a portrait of resilience and strength. and as we said, you are responding to in this morning. millions watched and sent messages to abc news. a lot more including details on how she's embracing life now. >> she has her book, out today "a stolen life" so we'll have more. more from the jury in the casey anthony case. now the foreman is speaking out about how he felt about the not guilty verdict. what he says about whether he thinks she is innocent. >> you've heard that from the
7:31 am
jurors. a big difference between not guilty and innocent. this is a stun story. one daring marine goes on youtube fushed by just continue timber lake and gets a date with one of the hottest stars on the planet, mila kunis. >> ask and you shall receive. >> every once in a while. we begin with exclusive new details from never before seen portions of diane sawyer's emotional interview with jaycee dugard. over 15 million viewers gripped by sunday's incredible prime time event. so many more joining us online. jaycee struck an emotional chord with so many who have gotten in touch with us. >> we want to thank all of you who gathered to watch her story. >> the broadcast lit up the internet. twit they are morning still afire with tweets including dozens of celebrities and newsmakers. oprah tweeted "don't we love
7:32 am
jaycee's resilience. she is remarkable" and a tweet from alyssa milano" who first name jaycee took for 18 years because in captivity she loved seeing her on "who's the boss?" she told diane for all that time it was too painful to say or write down her own name. alyssa's tweet "your strength and grace are such an inspiration." in her new book "a stolen life" it's clear she had a strength few of us could imagine living in captivity, she writes about her first reel exposure to the outside world. her captors phillip and nancy garrido took her to a trailer in another neighborhood. she was 14 and pregnant. >> i don't know how many months i was pregnant, but came in at night and said we had to go, cops are in the neighborhood and we're going to go for a drive. >> is this the first time you've
7:33 am
been, what, outside off the property. >> uh-huh, off the property. >> and you write one of your shocks is that you have a real thing with water. >> we get to the trailer. that was -- yeah, hasn't had a toilet for -- well, that was about three years by then. >> for the rest of her 18 years in the life the garridos gave her she and her girls were kept in this backyard compound of shacks, tents and buildings. diane showed jaycee google earth photos and how the compound though hidden was really in plain sight. >> it seems impossible now that no one knew you were there. >> doesn't it? >> impossible. >> i know. it sure does. looking at it, you would think that you would even think that, you know, the authorities would know that he has more land than he did. you know, i mean, i hate to
7:34 am
point fingers and blame, but there were some oversights that really stick out. i mean, i don't know. it seems impossible that this could happen, but yet it did. >> what gives a person the strength to endure the unimaginable and find the light when the dark curtain of captivity is lifted? for jaycee, it's family held tight and the power of best friends in this case a reunion with her bff from fifth grade, jesse. >> you found jesse. >> yes, i did. she's my best friend ever. i don't know what i'd do without her. i went to her wedding. she got married and i got to spend that moment of the lifetime with her, you know. >> but you never forgot. >> no, i never forgot her. no. so many people you just don't
7:35 am
forget. >> okay. i got chills for the upteenth time. you can see an encore presentation of diane's exclusive interview with jaycee this saturday at 9:00, 8:00 central and head to our website to watch the full special there. >> i'm sure a lot of people will tune in. new warnings for all you parents taking kids to the amusement parks. one deadly accident are leading officials to take a new tough look at roller coaster safety. yunji de nies is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, george. you know, roller coasters are synonymous with summer. after two back-to-back incidents including one fatal some question whether these rides are worth the risk. they are a summer staple for thrill seekers, there's nothing like a roller coaster's speed and intensity. but all that adrenaline came to a halt in arlington, texas, over the weekend when operators had to shut down the newly renovated
7:36 am
nbc giant at six flags. riders were stranded at the peak, 14 stories high for 30 minutes. they had to carefully scale down an emergency stairway to safety. >> we were going to ride it again but i don't want to because it stopped. >> reporter: just two days earlier another incident with a tragic outcome. 29-year-old sergeant james heckimer who lost both legs in the iraq war was thrown from the ride of steel at the darien lake theme park. >> descending from one of the hills he became dislodged and fell to the ground. >> the father of two died and investigators say he was wearing a lap belt and have not found any obvious mechanical problems. >> i know when this happened he was having a great time. >> darien lake said "our thoughts and prayers are with
7:37 am
the friends and family of guests." no one commented about why he was allowed to get on. experts warn with intense speeds, you can get hurt without realizing it. >> they feel sometimes nausea. they feel headache. they feel what they've deemed to be muscular pain when they go home and wake up i can't tell you the number of times i've read they can barely get out of bed. >> reporter: the amusement park industry counters they're rare and the chance of getting hurt on a roller coaster is less than 1 in a million. for those who do get injured or worse, the short thrills hardly seem worth the ride. now, surprisingly there are no federal standards when it comes to regulating roller coast terse so before you head out, do your homework. most parks have their record as valuable online. george and robin, something worth the read. >> wow, i am surprised no
7:38 am
federal regulations. time for weather and sam. >> we'll talk heat again because we've got so much in the country. half a dozen record highs yesterday. these are the cities we think will feature records, raleigh, washington, you're all beating your all-time temperature. cooler air from the lakes into new england. minneapolis down on the temperatures, new york city will get down by wednesday, washington, thursday, powerful thunderstorms moved through yesterday. here's where the storms settled during the day. lower in the middle of country wherever they bottom out. they really won't break the heat in the south. in the south, hang on. this is going to continue. >> all of that was brought to
7:39 am
you by angie's list. >> from judging casey to being judged, the jury in the case under fire. now the jury foreman is breaking his silence. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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we are hearing more from the jury who decided casey anthony should go free. the foreman is speaking out. he asked not to be named but described feeling disgust as he
7:43 am
read last week's not guilty verdict and ashleigh banfield hass more. they emphasized the difference between not guilty and innocence. >> big difference. i think that's where people are going off the rails and thought for eight weeks listening to evidence and witnesses and trying to apply a complex law to have complex case. but now they're fearing for their lives and for their safety after giving all that of their own lives and they're having to explain why they reached the verdict that they did. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> this court is in recess. >> reporter: a week since casey anthony's stunning acquittal. many can't believe the jury let her go. >> a lot of gray area and speculation. how caylee got in. i can't tell you how or who. but ultimately the body ended up there. >> the foreman withheld his identity as he talked to greta van susteren on fox news.
7:44 am
>> when the defense got up, they started throwing out things we did not know and where it hit us. it was shocking. >> reporter: since their controversial verdict, the jury has come under fire. >> all: caylee, caylee, caylee. they're wrong. guilty. >> reporter: but how was it they couldn't even convict her of manslaughter? >> we don't know the cause of death. that was one of the major issues we had. >> reporter: in fact the final words of their instructions included the negligent act must have been committed with an utter disregard for the safety of others. but several jurors have said they just weren't given hard evidence of that. >> all: justice for caylee. >> reporter: passions rage on both sides. this one was arrested after a brawl and this pennsylvania man who shares the same name as casey anthony has been threatened. >> there's jekylls out there calling for her blood threatening the jury and threatening the lawyers and everybody. not a safe place for casey to
7:45 am
be.rybody. >> reporter: five days and counting until her release into the storm of public outrage from those still seeking justice. still a war going on, the media and court. all to get evidence unsealed. particularly that jailhouse video of the moment she found out that a child's body had been found near her home. reportedly she began to hyperventilate. it was suppressed at trial just a little foo inflammatory and they think we should be able to see that i'm not sure that it tells us anything. >> doesn't get you any further toward cause of death. >> if she's guilty it would be frightening. >> thanks very much. when we come back, how would you like justin timberlake get you a dream date? this marine did. wait till you see who it's to.
7:46 am
every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage.
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♪ let's's dance. "around the watercooler."
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a different kind of daring from a u.s. marine serving on the front lines. he was in the 2nd marines and posted a youtube but has over 400,000 hits asking mila kunis to be his date at a marine corps this autumn. let's look at his mod debt proposal. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day, november 18th, greenville, north carolina with yours truly. take a second, think about it. get back to me. >> think about it. >> there we go. >> mila co-starring in "friends with benefits," justin timberlake decided to match make. >> inkrivited you to go to the balance. >> do it for your country. >> what?
7:51 am
>> i have one comment for you. this needs to go down. do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> do it for your country. so she's going to go. she tried to get justin to go. he said, they don't want to see me. >> good job, marines. >> friends with benefits. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping.
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 7:56. wanted to show you this neat cloud shot from yesterday after the storms blew through. this is a scud cloud. behind the storm not a tornado but an interesting sight. also interesting this morning as we are watching the clouds, this burst over the bay. annapolis has the sun back out and temperatures 78 degrees. 81 in glen burnie and we have got the heat index value in the low to mid-80s. it's not 8 in the morning. we have 105 with the heat index that's the important factor although you may be tracking
7:57 am
that number. 97 the two degree guaranteed high. it would match the record high for this date. heat advisory code orange air quality and isolated storms. just make sure you limit your outdoor activities and check on those without central air. encourage them to go to a public place and leave your pets indoors with water especially if you have air conditioning. 70 overnight and an improvement tomorrow. less humid and hot and 90s but go 80s thursday and friday and saturday. tonya how about the traffic. >> reporter: you may see a slow down on and off 70 eastbound at 29. but that will be on and off. lots of volume but we are doing okay. let's look at the beltway 695 at liberty road traffic is moving smoothly we have the volume and you may see slowdowns on and off. an accident in carroll county that's still there. 30 at business 30. and it has the northbound lanes closed one southbound lane getting by. police are on the scene near the traffic circle. and piney golf course.
7:58 am
a few accidents cleared out. 795 southbound after owings mills, jfx northbound at st. paul that cleared out as well. we are going to send you back to new york and "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ baby, baby, baby oh baby baby, baby oh ♪ >> thank you. when you bring home baby. the stork has been delivering very expensive extras for some moms, it's a trend that's been around but now going to the extreme, not everyone is on board with this. and, boy, bianna golodryga is going to bring us the piece later. >> for all of you fathers, don't belie a word of it.
8:01 am
not true. >> what did she say you gave her? >> a kiss on the forehead which i'm sure i did. >> added bonus. >> interrogation i was getting from lara. >> i know. >> i got news for you -- >> i was fearing for you today, george, i'm like there's no way you're going to win this. >> you know what i love about my life. i didn't know about that exchange until this morning when bianna came in. >> you didn't know that's going on all day long. >> that's the best parar about knowing george now is, hey, george, i had no idea about the clamming. it's everything. it's great. >> talking about bree. she just won miss south carolina after losing over 100 pounds on her way to the win. she'll tell us how she dit. this is just an incredible
8:02 am
transformation. >> lovely inside and out. >> inspirational story. also coming up, the princess in prison. new details on what is going on with monaco's new royal couple. why the honeymoon may be over before it started. on why the couple was miles apart just after saying "i do." very romantic. apparently they didn't. >> i know. >> that would be. >> not a part of your task. >> i'm here on the safe island. >> oh, no, you're not. >> that's s obably true. that would be enough out of you. we begin with that continuous blast of stifling hot air baking virtually half the country. heat advisories issued for two dozen states. temps in many cities hitting triple digits like ft. smith, arkansas, where it felt like 120 degrees. sam will have much more in moments. meanwhile, being trapped in
8:03 am
a car when temperatures are this high can be fatal and especially for young chchdren. there have been 20 such deaths already this year. but as consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy explains it's not always because their cars left them in the cars. >> reporter: oklahoma last week, an 8-year-old boy is exploring the 1998 chevy cavalier his parents just bought when he gets stuck in the trunk and dies in the heat. >> i understand kids' curiosity not being able to understand the concept. >> reporter: indiana last month two brothers climb into the trunk of their mom's 2000 malibu and die. jeanette fennel of kids and cars says she feels ill every time she hears about a new case. >> i felt why didn't i push harder? why didn't i just absolutely not stop? >> reporter: because kids and cars has repeatedly called on general motors to recall its older vehicles and install trunk safety releases that allow people inside to escape.
8:04 am
i'm going to climb in to the trunk of this car to show you how. starting in 2002 all cars were required to have a glow in the dark safety release inside the trunk. all you do is pull the latch and the trunk opens. fennel says no one has ever died in the trunk of a newer vehicle that has a safety release. >> those children, i feel very certain, would be alive today if there had been a trunk release in that vehicle. >> reporter: gm makes more cars than any other company so accidents are bound to happen in its vehicles. in a statement, gm put the responsibility back on parents saying it has worked to alert parents and caregivers to the dangers of leaving children unattended in or around vehicles. we asked if gm plans to issue a recall and the answer was no. for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, washington. for more trunk safety tips
8:05 am
go to our website, meanwhile, the showdown over raising the national debt ceiling has dragged into yet another day. president obama and congressional leadership will huddle at the white house again after monday's meeting showed no progress. the president made it clear that a short-term extension is out of the question and republicans are still not budging on their opposition to tax hikes. now here's our diane sawyer with a preview of "made in america" segment. >> gosh, good morning to you. our "made in america" team is at it creating more jobs on u.s. soil. that is our goal. and tonight we show you how a lot of people are taking the challenge. what's the one thing you know entirely made in america that everybody will want to buy? tell them bit. take the challenge tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. finally, a free show for commuters in new york. although it was the performer who had to pay a bit of a price. an aerial scaled the
8:06 am
williamsburg bridge last night then wowed the crowd. it was an acrobatic act some 300 feet above traffic and the earth. when she came down she was promptly arrested along with an accomplice. she said it to face her fears.s. my fear of height something matched by my fear of prison so i don't know that i would be -- >> there's a push there. >> a future cirque du soleil. >> all right, josh. the heat, are you feeling the heat? must be lara's heat index over there at the big board. >> that's right, guys, to it. time to let you know what's happening in pop news, what's hot, very hot and maybe not so hot. let's start right up here. and this is the flying car. how fabulous would that be here in new york city or next weekend in l.a. when the 405 is closed. george and judy jetson eat your heart out created by a massachusetts company, the
8:07 am
transition is a small one until it lands then the wings fold up. you can drive right off the runway. it's a long way from being accessible to the masses. only holds two adult passengers and costs $250,000 but we thought just the idea was a nice way to start your day here at "good morning america." all right, let's get on to the next story. and here we go. how great would this be? being able to tweet your way into a university. prospective students at the university of iowa's mba program can win a discrepancy worth $37,000 by explaining what makes them special in 140 characters or less. the university is asking candidates to treat instead of write it in an attempt to have em get to it. where was this when we were applying to college? all right. this is great. this outrageous video making the
8:08 am
rounds on youtube, the kitten versus the apples. a word of warning, watch out for the green one. take a look. careful. be very careful. one more. under this feline versus fruit blockbuster. still a nail biter. i'm pretty sure the applen the middle has a stem and he's not afraid to use it. finally, talking about this, in the hello, the honeymoon may be over before itit er really started. we've all seen that unenthusiastic kiss at the royal wedding. now there are several reports saying princess charlene and prince albert were ten mile as part on their honeymoon staying in different hotels.
8:09 am
news he has to take a dna test as part of a possible multi-million dollar paternity suit probably didn't set the mood. there are reports that 33-year-old a former olympic swimmer tried to escape three times before their high-profile wedding on july 2nd. maybe they should double date with kate and william to get in the mood. i don't know. it's not working. >> ten miles apart. >> yeah. >> not good. >> really? not good. that's a break in news. >> a clue. >> some weather. >> breaking news, guys. i think there was just a breeee. wait a minute. where are you from? >> macon, georgia. >> the entire town here? >> we've got 33 students from macon, georgia. >> you guys have been here all morning long. one or two things going on this morning. made their signs.
8:10 am
let they show them. drought and a drought that's so serious cha climatologists are now saying it is beat the drought or right on par with the drought in the '50s and may beat the dust bowl all across the deep south including every state in the gulf well into texas and may have the worst of it. here's where the heat is roaring and this doesn't help the drought situation at all. 100 in memphis. who was on the fine just now? no, no, who were you talking to? >> i was talking to family. >> tell them you were on "gma" right now. on the phone. on the phone.
8:11 am
tfrjts may have been the only official breeze. lara? >> thank you, sam. here's a look as what's ahead. she lost 110 pounds to make her dream come true. the newly crowned and newly slim miss south carolina. push presents. something sparkling to a new mother. some bling. and one of the sexiest singers, chris young performs live for us on "gma." ♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
8:16 am
we have an inspiring weight loss story for you right now. 22-year-old bree boyce used to weigh 234 pounds, wore a size 18 but after losing more than 100 pounds, she did more than just celebrate, you know what she did, she won the miss south carolina pageant. >> capital city, bree boyce. >> for bree boyce becoming miss south carolina is more than a crown but to inspire others to live healthier lives. >> it's so important to have a role model who can really share a personal story. i've lost 112 pounds and i can -- >> this was bree before and here she is now. the 22-year-old beauty lost a dramatic 112 pounds over the course of three years before being crowned miss south carolina earlier this month. ♪
8:17 am
>> she wowed the audience during the talent portion. and for a girl who says she never liked going to the pool as a child winning the swimsuit round was super sweet. she has struggled with her weight since 8 trying and failing at every diet imaginable. by 17 she tipped the scales at 234 pounds. severe knee problems brought her to a doctor who told bree she had to lose the weight. so the future beauty queen decided to meet with a nutritionist and started heating healthy. getting regular exercise, waking up at 5:30 every morning to run. she now says she wants to help educate others. ♪ >> and she just may be able to do that for miss america when she competes for that crown in january. what a story. so what do you say? let's bring out miss south carolina, bree boyce right now.
8:18 am
all hail the queen. you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> you always have. please have a seat. >> thanks. >> thanks for making time for us. i know you're busy. >> i'm excited to be here. >> you have that southern charm. >> yes, definitely bringing that to new york. >> we love it. now, you lost weight, bree the old-fashioned way. >> the old-fashioned way. >> healthy choices and exercise. >> exactly. >> tell us about the other things that you tried to do and they just didn't work for you. >> well, whenever i was younger there were all the yo-yo diets that the fad diets that everyone wanted to try and i originally started on an atkins type diet which was cutting out all carbs and found out quickly you could lose the weight but you couldn't keep it off because we're only human and we enjoy carbs. and so my whole thing is about finding things that you like that are healthy but we're going to want to splurge every now and again.
8:19 am
so it's definitely about moderation and portion control. >> mrs. obama who i know you hope to work with one day with the obesity campaign. she, we were talking about earlier this morning, people are a little upset with her, some people about the fact that she consumed 1,700 calories at a burger place. >> my thing is she may be first lady and she may be promoting let's move but as i said we're all human and we enjoy forward and it's just part of our nature. who knows she probably worked it off right after she ate it. >> kept moving. >> yeah, she kept moving. >> you know, when thinking with beauty pageants, you when you were a little tyke were up until the age of 7 proved. what happened. >> i started gradually gaining weight more and more so my sister started to compete. she taught me poise and
8:20 am
confidence. >> you never gave up on your dreams. >> i never did. >> some think some of the contestants may not be making the healthiest choices. have you been able to inspire them? >> a awe girls after they won said, if anyone deserved this, you did. you worked very hard at this and there's so many stereotype, girls who starve themselves two weeks before the ppth which is so unhealthy and that is the message i want to get out is that we can beat healthy pageant girls and we can get up and be pretty but it's about living a daily life that is just healthy and then whenever you get up on stage it's going to show. you don't have to do the two-week crash diet. >> no. >> completely unhealthy. i do not support that at all. >>obligatory. put up the pants. this is what you once wore. >> my pair of jeans, size 18. >> how as your life, bree, changed? >> it has changed so much and to
8:21 am
hold up these pair of jeans is -- i hold them up with pride because no one did this but me and it was through hard work and determination and perseverance and i'm just so happy to say i did it for no one else but myself. >> that's the important thing. didn't do it because you could wear this crown which is gorgeous by the way. >> yes. >> that was a by-product. >> that was just -- >> the outcome. i started off losing weight and then after seeing my sister compete for so many years and seeing the scholarship opportunities, i received $23,000 worth of scholarships from this organization. that's going to let me further my education but i wanted to have something to give me a microphone for my platform. >> and it is. >> eating healthy and fighting obesity. >> good luck, miss america. >> miss south carolina. >> give us a note for us ♪
8:22 am
>> you have it, bree boyce. when the earring came off, you didn't even given. >> you have to keep going. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> george? >> wow, that was some note. i'm over here with bianna. we're here to talk about the new trend for new moms. >> push presents. i talked to your wife ally on twitter. i had your back when she said y she got a kiss on the forehead. there is no expense too big for some for rewarding their wives for having a baby. >> i want the epidural. >> labor pains, it brings out the not so bless apartment side of women. >> and push. >> reporter: and for her trouble some husbands are taking the traditional gift for mom to a whole new level. >> so when you produce that child you get a push present. it's genius.
8:23 am
>> reporter: with some big-time bling. stylist to the stars racial zoe has this. her husband got her a $250,000 neil lane 10 carat diamond ring and just two months ago nick cannon bought maria carry this pink diamond and sapphire necklace. these posh push gifts are equally prevalent. take vicki steinberg. >> first time i heard of the word push present, i was the last one to have my child so i heard it being passed around and seen the evidence, my friends' push presents. >> she was gifted this bracelet for the birth of her 4-year-old son. >> it's an item that you receive, gift you receive and pass it on. >> reporter: but for husband ira, the concept was foreign. sure, he was sympathetic about the nine grueling months of pregnancy but diamonds for a baby? tell us your reaction the first
8:24 am
time your wife mentioned push present to you. >> i didn't know what she was talking about. the birthing process is not the easiest process. nine months of pregnancy and reward for going through that. >> reporter: i wanted to see what one could expect in return for that and went to harry winston to scope out the jewels where men pays millions for these. how popular has the concept of a push present become. >> it's really popular. one of the most significant milestones in a couple's life. >> this is huge. tell us about this stone. >> a fancy vivid yellow diamond, the rarest of them. one of the largest. it's just over 67 carats. >> this could be a weapon. you've never sold something like this as a push gift. >> absolutely. >> reporter: while plenty of moms love that perk others think these high-end gifts undermining the husband's role and responsibility. >> it implies the woman is doing all the work and the man is kind
8:25 am
of flits in and out and gives her a material item. good job, honey and leaves again. there's an equality that's missing. >> reporter: what do you say to those who say this is a snob by sort of elitist thing to do. the baby should be gift enough. >> i believe that, as well but i don't believe a push present is trying to challenge that idea. it just enhances the entire experience of giving birth. >> reporter: vicki is expecting a second child and is hopeful for a second push present. >> i'd like to continue the stones around my finger to complete the ring, to complete the family. >> reporter: for sasha even after two kids she thinks a gift for both her and her husband would be more appropriate. >> i view it as something you do together. there's sacrifice for the man is. >> reporter: at harry winston's, i got to try on the more extraordinary examples of this bling for baby. thigh matching ring. >> now, let's see, i'm
8:26 am
counting -- >> ten babies later. >> five babies. >> good work. >> wow. >> reporter: incredible indeed. a satisfying token for putting up with the labor of expanding a family. >> no. >> the next contraction. >> reporter: for a lot of these mom they pass on the jewelry to their sons or daughter-in-laws and for the men we spoke to he said he got his daughter -- his daughter's birth a pink sapphire and for his son's birth he gave his wife a blue sapphire. >> i think your husband will have to pay attention. that yellow diamond was fascinating. >> they just sold one for 20 carats to a man. >> okay. you can catch up, peter. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 8:27. all about the numbers this morning. and officially in baltimore bwi marshal, 80. still 07th northwest -- 7 0th northwest. 91 heat index. but mid to upper 80s across central maryland. it's going to be uncomfortable and dangerous. we have a heat advisory and we have the code orange air quality. aiming for 97 that's the two degree guarantee high that would tie a record. limit the outdoor activities and keep the pets indoors and with plenty of water. 70 overnight after a chance of scattered storms. dropping humidity and building in 90s tomorrow but 80s for the rest of the week and weekend.
8:28 am
>> reporter: earlier slowdowns 70 eastbound at 29 is now gone. so traffic is flowing freely. we are doing okay on the beltway as well. let's look at 695 at liberty road on the northwest side. no problems to report here. traffic flowing freely as well. so that's good news. carroll county route 30 at business 30, near the traffic circle one southbound lane open. there's accident cleanup and baltimore county police workingan incident on sedgemore road. so be aware of that. good morning. we have breaking news right now to tell you about. new details on an amber alert that's that's been issued. he has been found safe. officers say they found the child in an abandoned home in the 300 block of lynn hurst avenue below edmonton village. one person is in custody. investigators say that this little boy 8-year-old darrick charles brown was abducted last night. he was walking with a group of friends in the 300 block of
8:29 am
gwen avenue around 6:30 and he was found safe. more details later on and on
8:30 am
girl. ♪ i never knew about love, i never had a clue ♪ ♪ i never found anything that made me feel like i do ♪ like you ♪ [ applause ] >> that is chris young. >> country music star. has a brand-new album out called "neon." omorrow" has already gonee gold. he said hi, mom. he's a good boy. >> why so many more women are strapping on the skates and i'm
8:31 am
getting it on in the rink. roller derby is back and i for one could not be happier. >> i loved roller derby when i was young. got the advance team for "captain america." show us those shields n a few minutes chris evans will be here himself. a sneak peek at the blockbuster movie and all of you at home how you can win tickets to the premiere in hollywood by linking to us on facebook. >> really. >> also, get ready to turn hot dogs into a top chef masterpiece. it does not get better than this. a fan favorite. ♪ >> before we get to at, josh,
8:32 am
you were just talking about big back in the '60s, '70s, roller derby. you can get that and the stars this time, they're all women. abc's ryan owens reports on the return -- oh, ouch, of roller derby. >> reporter: if these women look like hell on wheels, they are. >> what do you say, fans. >> reporter: you are in austin, texas, the capital of the lone star state and the cradle of modern-day roller derby civilization. yes, ready or not, roller derby is back and it's all grown up. >> here they are. you love them, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: meet margaret backler. ♪ >> reporter: by day a mild mannered math and science teacher. so beloved by her students she was voted teacher of the year. >> okay, we'll do it. >> reporter: a wife and mother
8:33 am
of two. but by night -- >> i like knocking people down. >> reporter: she is olivia "shootin'" john so how did this young mother go from teaching trigonometry to kids to body checking grown women? >> one of the girlfriends i played soccer with said she wanted to try out and i thought, well, i'll go yous with a supporter and -- >> reporter: you didn't know what it was? >> i had no clue. i didn't find out until five months later, even what the game looked like. >> reporter: each at a skater called the jammer who gets points by passing other skaters called blockers doing their best to knock her down. they go around and around like this for an hour. you don't worry about getting hurt. >> i don't. i think i worry more about hurting other people with my over the top play. >> reporter: remind me to stay off the track when you're
8:34 am
around. the sport is so popular it has a junior league. the derby brats, a new generation derby fans hope will ensure this sport doesn't disappear again. >> if your daughter wants to play roller derby, you should be like, yes, that is strong women. awesome. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, austin, texas. >> oh, my. you'll see much more of this story tonight on "nightline." to sam. with the weather. >> hello, robin roberts. right here in "gma's" backyard of times square. by the way, robin, who wins the coolest haircut of the day award? chase does. where are you from? >> sandusky, ohio. >> by the way, that is the coolest haircut of the day. i show want this haircut. i don't know. to the boards, so many things going on. our twitter and facebook pictures were alive on ways to keep cool. my favorite may be headed to the mountains.
8:35 am
allegany state park is cool. another cool spot, into the northwest, sometimes happens, the west coast is kind of the opposite weather pattern of what's going on in the rest of the nation. with this dip you'll see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. another cool spot, fly to seattle. enjoy the cool temperatures. >> we are live in times square. all that weather was grout to you by at&t. oh, lara. >> hello, sam. a reasoso i'm surrounded by thee mini avengers. hi, we are with the one, the hee only captain america. chris evans is here playing captain america in the new film. he is no stranger to playing
8:36 am
superheroes. who were you last time? >> johnny in "the fantastic four." >> is it tough t t play these iconic characters. >> yes, double-edged sword. a lot of pressure. you want to make sure you want to keep them happy but they're still in the audience, you know, so it's great we have them. >> how did you like that costume? >> you know, it's not the most comfortable thing in the world but it lends itself to portraying the character. >> absolutely. we want to take a look at a clip from the film. you play steve rogers, a character developed in the early 1940s and you're kind of the rereaurantny guy that wants to join the army and help in the war effort. let's take a look. ♪
8:37 am
>> yeah. >> i think we did it. >> how do you feel? >> taller.r. >> i know she wants to know how you feel. i can tell you how you look. nothing scrawny about that you had to made to get look smaller. >> it was amazing what they did. it's mostly my body just shrunk down and really is just some of the best special effects. look at that. it wasn't too foreign to me. i looked like that until i was 17. >> we find that hard to believe. you can check out "captain america," the first avenger when it opens. thank you so much for stopping by. guy, are you excited? [ cheers ] >> check him out july 22nd when the film opens. it's going to be big. this is also really big. one lucky "gma" viewer and fair
8:38 am
family can see chris evans and the movie before anybody else. win a trip for four in hollywood with the entire cast of the movie. who is that hottie you were with in that scene? >> that was haley atwell. she is a beauty. >> all you need to do is go to and like the "gma" page. make sure you like us. we know you do already because you're watching. you'll be entered into the sweepstakes. you need to get going. contest is on right now. it ends thursday at 3:00 p.m. eastern and we cannot wait to see your new film. you play a mean -- well a nice -- >> good guy. >> mean in a good way. thank you, chris. coming up richard b bze and some high-end hot dogs. will you stick around?
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
who doesn't love a sloppy chili dog? we're here with richard blais, a
8:42 am
chili dog like you've never ever seen before. i used to make chili dogs at my uncle's diner in charleston, west virginia. >> now i'm a little nervous. i'm getting ready to open up a restaurant called haute dog. we'll start on our grill, all right. and back here, of course, we have our kosher shot dogs. anything we do -- it's better in herbs and garlic and a lot of spices. i call this the butter jacuzzi. the jacuzzi of flavor. if you griri sometimes things can dry out. taking our dog and hanging out in that bath of flavor. there's our dog -- hanging out basil and thyme but, honestly, it can be anything you want. you need a bun so up here a new england-style hot dog bun. it's the best type of bun.
8:43 am
honestly we can sear the sides of it. grilled cheese tastes better than a cheese sandwich. getting that reaction, the flavor of the browning of meat or the protein and flour so we'll use that bun, a hot dog hanging out in our flavored jacuzzi and, of course, we need our chili. here we have our chili. the thing about the chili, throw it together in a couple of minutes like a 20-minute recipe. ground beef, a little bit o chopped brisket and ketchup, mustard, molasses, gives a savory touch. >> i'm going to get in there. >> the key to this is the spice blend -- pardon me reach. this is a coffee barbecue spice blend. i'll add a little more to my chili. that's sort of amazing stuff. >> ooh, nice. >> coffee, cayenne, a little chili powder and another ingredient that is a spice
8:44 am
blend. that's our chili then we have onions, onions to cut through the salt and the sweetness of the chili s these are some vie dalia onions we pickled with treasurertumeric. i love this for a quick pickle because rice wine vinegar has a little sugar in it because there's sugar in it we can make a quick pickle. pickled onions and dogs and now we have to dress it up. get the chili going and put it in the bottom of the bun. >> that's at the bottom, i like it. >> fun to get sugar in the dough like a brioche dough and cut through the salt that's in the dog, you know. >> all right. >> we'll bring over our dog that's been hanging out in our flavored jacuzzi.
8:45 am
>> top it with a little bit of these pickled onions or a lot of the pickled onions. we got a little cilantro. of course, the kicker, the pepper jack foam, okay. >> peppepe jack foam. >> right on top right there. >> a modern interpretation of the chili cheese dog. >> we've run out of time. all the recipes, potato salad on our website rich blaze, tested them out. >> i'm a geeky fan boy. >> invention is yours.
8:46 am
8:47 am
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8:48 am
we got "people" magazine named this country singer one of country music's hottest guys. i know they were talking about his look, but his career is on fire too. grammy nominee's new record drops today, it's called "neon." first single has gone gold. you're going to sing that but we're going to chitchat. >> you just ran up the stairs. >> magic of tv. >> every time, congratulations. >> thank you. i'm really excited. thth is my first knew musicic i three years. we had three number one singles off the last album. going into a new record you freak out for the first single and want it to make an impact and had this is the first time i had a single go gold before the
8:49 am
record came out. >> this is a new look for you. >> because i'm going without the hat. >> the hat is gone. >> well -- >> dropped a few l b's. >> a little bit. see, i'm not looking good there in that suit. i don't know what's going on right there. >> but you're on tour. >> we are on tour with jason and just started with him and did some stuff with rascal flatts and just been real lucky to be on the tours that we hooked up with. everybody has treated us real well and the catering is good. we've always gotten people with good food. >> you stay lucky but, boy, you are so talented. glad you're with us. you can see him and his new cd "neon" on sale today. let's hear "tomorrow" already gone gold. here is chris young.
8:50 am
♪ tomorrow i'm gonna leave here ♪ ♪ i'm gonna let you go and walk away like every day i said i would ♪ ♪ and tomorrow i'm gonna listen to that voice of reason inside my head telling me that we're no good ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm gonna give in one last time rock you strong in these arms of mine ♪ ♪ forget all the regrets that are bound to follow ♪ ♪ we're like fire and gasoline i'm no good for you you're no good for me ♪ ♪ we only bring e eh other tears and sorrow ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow ♪
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8:52 am
♪ baby when we're good you know we're great ♪ ♪ but there's too much bad for us to think that there's anything worth trying to save ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm going to give in one last time rock you strong in these arms of mine ♪ ♪ forget all the regrets that are bound follow ♪ ♪ we're like fire and gasoline i'm no good for you you're no good for me ♪ ♪ we only bring each other tears and sorrow ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm going to love
8:53 am
you like there's no tomorrow ♪ ♪ i'm going to leave here i'm going to let you go and walk away every day i said i would ♪
8:54 am
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8:56 am
trying to get closer. chris young, thank you so much for singing for us. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks to all of you for watching. watch diane sawyer on "world news." tomorrow, seth myers. have a great day. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. minutes away from before 9.
8:57 am
i wanted to recap yesterday. it was an impressive scene from the storms that erupted through central maryland and mount airy before 8. where we stopped this imagery, you can see this scud cloud. it looked impressive. i wanted to share that in case you hadn't seen it. clouds leftover. they have them safes partly to mostly sunny skies. high clouds mixed in there. but overall, it's about the temperatures. they are sitting at 80. and it's 81 glen burnie and 78up towards westminster and all the places had rain. ground is moist which is a good thing. but it adds to the moisture that we have in the atmosphere andcalculated heat index from 87 in westminster to 90 in clarksville. not a pleasant morning to be outside. eastern shore we don't want to leave you out. you pushing upper 80s in chestertown and centreville on the heat index scale. we have cluster of storms back here across the mountain. dropping away from us. frontal boundary trying to push its way through today.
8:58 am
it's going to lose some of its punch but there may be some scattered showers and storms on the eastern shore. we see a drop in the humidity. it does appear as if the front looks like at least for the cloud line pushing through. not fully through but wait for the wind shift but humidity is around and with the heat up to 97, that would tie a record for the day. and it will feel like 105. heat advisory today. isolated storms, start take some of that humidity out of the air tonight. dropping down to 70. and tomorrow, we will push below 90s but more comfortable. lows in the low 60s and how about the afternoons. on thursday 86, 85 on friday. and we will stay in the 80s through the weaning. if you can go online post the weathering whether and recapping the pictures from last night's storm and get the forecast. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
8:59 am
with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses,

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